Developing an online promotion strategy
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Developing an online promotion strategy

{ s the strategy working well or poorly? Without numbers there is no understanding. We will guide you through all stages of strategy development and you will have information about effectiveness at all stages }
Developing an online promotion strategy

How we develop a promotion strategy?

- Let's collect information about the current situation
- Let’s identify the pros and cons
- We research consumers and competitors
- We will forecast traffic
- Let’s create a budget
- We will provide a work plan and cost
- All data will be always available and in a convenient format

What is included in developing a promotion strategy?

- Analysis of the current promotion strategy
- Traffic forecast for promotion
- Competitor analysis
- Budget forecast for promotion
- Project profitability
- Promotion plan

Tariffs for strategy development

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Traffic and budget forecast

0 $
0.00 ₸ • 0 ₽ • 0 С

1. Search query analysis
2. Forecast of the cost of launching an advertising campaign for 1 month
1 day


Target audience analysis

40 $
20 000 ₸ • 4100 ₽ • 3 700 С

1. Analysis of search queries
2. Forecast of the cost of launching an advertising campaign for 1 month
3. Portrait of the target audience
3 days


Конкурентный анализ

70 $
35 000 ₸ • 7200 ₽ • 6500 С

1. Search query analysis
2. Forecast of the cost of launching an advertising campaign for 1 month
3. Portrait of the target audience
4. Analysis of competitive sites
5 days


Digital strategy

310 $
150 000 ₸ • 30 700 ₽ • 28 000 С

1. Consumer analysis
2. Competitive analysis
3. Market analysis
4. Formation of strategy and tactics
5. Media plan
from 14 days


Why is online promotion important?

Developing an online promotion strategy is a key step in successfully operating in the digital age. An effective strategy defines your path to attracting customers, strengthening your brand, and achieving your goals. Here are the steps that will help you create a quality strategy:

1. Analysis of goals and target audience: Determine what you want to achieve through online promotion - increasing sales, brand awareness, expanding your audience, and so on. Also determine who your target audience is so you can tailor your strategy to their needs.

2. Market and Competitor Research: Conduct a market analysis and study your competitors. Identify their strengths and weaknesses to highlight unique opportunities for your business.

. Selecting Promotion Channels: Determine which online channels are most suitable for your audience and goals. This could be social media, content marketing, SEO, paid advertising and other tools.

4. Create Content and Content Marketing Plan: Develop a plan for creating content that will interest your audience. These can be articles, videos, infographics and other formats. Think about your publishing schedule and content distribution.

5. Planning advertising campaigns: If you plan to use paid advertising, develop a strategy for advertising campaigns. Determine your budget, goals and advertising formats.

6. Analysis and optimization: Constantly monitor the results of your strategy. Analyze what's working and what's not, and make adjustments to your plan to improve results.

It is important to remember that every business is unique and the strategy must be developed taking into account your goals and resources. Careful planning and a flexible approach will help you achieve success in online promotion.

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