Setting up analytics for the site
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Setting up analytics for the site

{ And what is the result? Our methodology for generating analytics and reporting will always answer all questions about traffic }
Setting up analytics for the site

Why do we set up analytics and reporting?

Setting up analytics for the project – This is an important step to collect and analyze data about user behavior on a website or app. This process helps you understand how visitors interact with content, which strategies are effective, and which require adjustments.
Setting up analytics for a project allows you to gain a deep understanding of how users interact with your content and how you can improve your product or service to achieve maximum efficiency and success.

What is included in analytics and reporting?

- Connecting metrics
- Setting up site analytics
- Setting up metrics goals
- Website and incoming traffic analytics

Tariffs for setting up promotion analytics

Our rates are the key to effective promotion with a smart balance between quality and affordability. We offer you top-notch online promotion strategies at reasonable prices to ensure your business gets the most out of it. With us, you will receive a personalized approach, effective solutions and growth of your online audience at no extra cost.

Connecting metrics

20 $
10 000 ₸ • 2 000 ₽ • 1 900 С

1. Connecting metrics
2. Reporting upon request once a month
1-3 days


Setting up analytics

30 $
15 000 ₸ • 3 100 ₽ • 2 800 С

1. Connecting and setting up metrics
2. Setting goals
3. Reporting once a month
3-5 days


Analytics and reporting

50 $
25 000 ₸ • 5 100 ₽ • 4 700 С

1. Connecting and setting up metrics
2. Setting goals
3. Generating a traffic report once a month
5-7 days


Report visualization

70 $
35 000 ₸ • 7 200 ₽ • 6 500 С

1. Connecting and setting up metrics
2. Setting goals
3. Analytical reporting online
4. Recommendations for promotion
7-10 days


Why is online promotion important?

Setting up website analytics is the process of installing and configuring special tools and code on your website to collect, analyze and interpret data about visitors and their interactions with the site. This practice has many purposes and benefits:

1. Traffic monitoring: Analytics allows you to track the number of visitors to your site, as well as find out where they come from (what sources) and what pages they are on.

2. Analysis of visitor behavior: Using analytics, you can study how visitors interact with your site - what pages they view, how much time they spend on the site, what buttons and links they use.

3. Measuring Content Effectiveness: You can determine what content on your site is most popular and attractive to users. This will help you create more targeted and interesting content.

4. Measuring conversions: Analytics allows you to track goals such as form completions, purchases, subscriptions and other desired user actions on the site. This allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

5. Optimizing user experience: Analytics provides information about how users interact with the website interface. This helps to identify problem areas and improve the usability of the site.

6. Make informed decisions: Analytics provide objective data on which you can make decisions on optimizing content, marketing strategies, site structure and other aspects.

7. Track Ad Performance: If you run advertising campaigns, analytics can help you measure how successful they are in driving traffic and generating conversions.

8. Analysis of mobile and desktop traffic: You will be able to determine which devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) your visitors use, which will help you optimize your site for different platforms.

Overall, setting up analytics for a website allows you to gain deep insight into how users interact with your website, which in turn helps you optimize it, improve the user experience, and achieve your goals.

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