Tariffs for launching online promotion
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Tariffs for launching online promotion

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Launching an online promotion strategy

Need online promotion?

Increase the visibility and attractiveness of your business with our online promotion offer! We'll design a strategy, website, create engaging content and execute targeted advertising campaigns to help you reach new heights in the online world.

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14,100,000 ₸ amount of advertising budgets

Comprehensive tariffs for launching online promotion

Our rates are the key to effective promotion with a smart balance between quality and affordability. We offer you top-notch online promotion strategies at reasonable prices to ensure your business gets the most out of it. With us, you will receive a personalized approach, effective solutions and growth of your online audience at no extra cost.

Tariff "Start"

150 $
70 000 ₸ • 14 300 ₽ • 13 100 С

1. Forecast of traffic and budget for promotion for 1 month
2. Standard one-page website
3. Launching a search or contextual advertising campaign
4. Installing analytics counters and connecting metrics
5. Technical support and questions in chat with a marketer
3-5 days


Tariff "Coverage"

250 $
120 000 ₸ • 24 600 ₽ • 22 400 С

1. Forecast of traffic and budget for promotion 1 month
2. Analysis of the target audience
3. Business card website
4. Launch of a search or contextual advertising campaign, control and maintenance
5. Installing analytics counters and connecting metrics
6. Setting goals
7. Technical support and questions in chat with a marketer
5-7 days


Tariff "Competitive"

350 $
165 000 ₸ • 33 800 ₽ • 30 800 С

1. Traffic and budget forecast for the duration of promotion
2. Analysis of the target audience
3. Competitive analysis
4. Landing
5. Integrated promotion
6. Installing analytics counters and connecting metrics
7. Setting goals
8. Generating analytical reports on promotion
9. Technical support and consultations for the entire duration of promotion
7-10 days


«Premium» tariff

810 $
385 000 ₸ • 78 900 ₽ • 72 000 С

1. Разработка диджитал стратегии на год
2. Продающий лендинг
3. Комплексное продвижение
4. Установка счетчиков аналитики и подключение метрик
5. Настройка целей
6. Визуализация аналитических отчетов по продвижению
7. Техническая поддержка и консультации на все время продвижения
Сроки исполнения
от 30 дней


Why is online promotion important?

Online promotion plays a key role in modern business. More and more people are spending their time online and an online presence is becoming a necessity to reach the target audience.

Through effective online promotion you will be able to:
1. Reach a larger audience: The Internet allows you to go beyond geographical limitations and communicate your product or service to a wider audience.
2. Increase Brand Awareness: Effective online promotion helps create and strengthen awareness of your brand, which helps build trust with potential customers.
3. Increase Sales: Well-planned online campaigns can lead to more orders and sales as you actively attract interested buyers.
4. Reduce Marketing Costs: Online marketing channels are usually more cost effective than traditional methods, resulting in higher ROI.
5. Engage with your audience: Social media and other online platforms provide the opportunity to interact with customers, receive feedback and tailor your offerings to their needs.
6. Analyze results: Online marketing provides extensive tools to analyze the effectiveness of campaigns, allowing you to make adjustments and improve your strategy.

Overall, online promotion is an integral part of a modern business strategy to achieve successful results and remain competitive in a dynamic digital environment.

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